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E13 Octoberfest Beer and Soundbites via Screw City Beer Fest

Ahhh, Octoberfest Beer, that delicious malty sweetness shared once a year. This podcast we taste test 7 different Octoberfest beers from a variety of craft brewers around the USA (see list below). We put Pig Minds’ Briieetkraut to the test (an Oktoberfest German Marzen style Lager) with a sound bite from master brewer Carson Souza. All accompanied by

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Brewers Discussing Bars, Batches, Bouts and Craft Beer Reviews

Welcome to HomeBrewRockStars. This is our first post. (“…good luck with your first post.”) Coming soon…a beer blog (and beer podcast) where home brewers and craft brew icons share stories about brewing and tasting new beers…and maybe talk about rock-n-roll?! Find tips on how to make better beer and save money doing it (until you upgrade). You’ll also find new craft beer reviews,

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Top 10 Fall Beers for Tailgating and Winter-Prep

Oktoberfest campfires never tasted so good! (first appeared in The Skinny) We’ve all heard it said before, with falling temperatures, burning leaves and football season in full tilt…”this is beer-drinkin’ weather”! Add on Oktoberfests, tailgate parties and community bonfires and there’s a spirit that resonates with all beer lovers, driving our lust to drink these special brews

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