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E22 If It Ferments?! with Homebrewer Mike Coisman

>>Download<< Podcast: Homebrewer extraordinaire Mike Coisman shares his karma and tasty beers and meads. This podcast episode features a chat with Mike Coisman, a home brew guru thats not afraid to expand his experiences to just about anything that ferments. Mike is a seasoned brewer that takes on beer, wine, cider and meads to the point

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E06 National HomeBrew Day – Big Brew 2017

Big Brew 2017 – Forest City Brewers gather to brew some big beers HomeBrewRockStars hits the road for a May Brewers Guild at Steve Anthony’s  with the Forest City Brewers for National Home Brew Day…aka #BIGBREW2017. This podcast episode follows Steve on his awesome all grain system, Jerry Machula brewing a 5 gallon brew-in-a-bag (w/high-tech setup) and Mike Coisman

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200,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall – Big Brew Preview

Saturday is Big Brew Celebrate National Homebrew Day May 2, 2015 and prepare for the most homebrew to made in one day…ever. National Homebrew Day was announced before Congress May 7, 1988. American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created AHA Big Brew as an annual event to celebrate National Homebrew Day . Thousands gather at hundreds of shared events around the word

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