Great Lakes Brewery Conway’s Irish Ale perfect for St. Paddy’s Day

Seeing as St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17, I would like to highlight an Irish Red Ale from Great Lakes Brewery. Most people think of Guinness when celebrating St. Paddy’s Day … my favorite is an Irish Red. The red ales of Ireland have a smooth maltiness and caramel flavor with earthy and restrained hop

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No More West Coast Bias for Craft Beer Brewing

Craft beer growth and success actually leads to less overall consumption. What once started as a west coast boogaloo (hop-along, if you will), has spread into a world-wide phenomenon.  Michigan increased craft breweries by more than 20% last year, and Colorado now has more craft breweries than Oregon. Vermont is now the #1 state with the highest

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Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Beers Made In America

Newer St. Patty’s Day beer traditions that may live forever. (first appeared in The Skinny) Reverent and respected are all who partake in St. Patty’s Day traditions – festivals, parades, and shamrocked hoolies where we gather to salute many Irish spirits and the rich flavors of liquid hops and roasted barley. Like every March 17th,

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Brewers Discussing Bars, Batches, Bouts and Craft Beer Reviews

Welcome to HomeBrewRockStars. This is our first post. (“…good luck with your first post.”) Coming soon…a beer blog (and beer podcast) where home brewers and craft brew icons share stories about brewing and tasting new beers…and maybe talk about rock-n-roll?! Find tips on how to make better beer and save money doing it (until you upgrade). You’ll also find new craft beer reviews,

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Top 10 Summer Beers List That Won’t Break The Bank

Hot, hoppy or crisp…these summer brews keep their cool. (first appeared in The Skinny) Summer means many things to us all, but to craft beer drinkers, it means a new line of warm season thirst quenchers. Lighter, crisper, and most important, wet! This is the time of year we see wits and other wheats, lagers, pilsners and tasty

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Best Spring Beers List To Cure Cabin Fever

Anticipation of a mouthful of emerging new arrivals await! To a long snowy winter of strong brew in all its black chocolatey, spicy, warm brilliance – Cheers! That seemingly never ending selection of hearty stouts, porters, dunkels, scotch ales (and many other winter brews) has kept us languid and beamy, if not foam-filled and dreamy

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Top 10 Fall Beers for Tailgating and Winter-Prep

Oktoberfest campfires never tasted so good! (first appeared in The Skinny) We’ve all heard it said before, with falling temperatures, burning leaves and football season in full tilt…”this is beer-drinkin’ weather”! Add on Oktoberfests, tailgate parties and community bonfires and there’s a spirit that resonates with all beer lovers, driving our lust to drink these special brews

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