Joe Daddy Imperial Coffee Stout – Pig Minds

Pig Minds Brewing – Small Batch Bottle Series Review:

Joe Daddy Imperial Coffee Stout

8.5% ABV (92 Beer Advocate rating as of 3/15)

joe-daddyWho’s Joe Daddy? Well this one’s no lightweight – it has a heavyweight punch and  likens itself to a coffee hoo-ha, good to the last drop. Brewed with local Jadabug Roasters Coffee, Pig Minds imperial coffee stout (and a seasonal barrel-aged version) was an impressive craft beer tasting, out of the tap, and out of the bottle. Let’s review:

A crack open of the Joe Daddy bomber to a quick snort that tickled the memory glands, reminiscent of a morning glow in a fine coffee house. Aroma filled with a chocolatey roasted air and heavy hints of dark, sweet, wet fruit. Dates? or heavy molasses. Either way, one final sniff teased of charred booze, spurring on further curiosity. Let’s pore!

A deep solid brown liquid fills my glass with a nice, not too thick, consistency. A bit light for head, but plenty of carbonation to swirl up a yummy looking dark caramel foam as needed. First sip… confirms the alcohol, immediately warming the tongue, adding in a mouthfeel of a superb cup-a-joe. Sweeter than first expected, but complex with plenty of choco-roasted taste to solidify it as a stouty stout.

This beer goes down much heavier than expected. I can see why the Pig Minds refers to it as an imperial style, even at the modest 8.5 ABV for the style, as it lingers with a plethora of flavors and sensory imagination. I love the roasty balance of malts, mocha, molasses (no hiding this), brown sugar and mild, but notable hopside. The coffee, ever-present, kicks your ass (in a “hit me again” kinda way), front to back.

Verdict: A new go-to for my next coffee brew needs. It’s a well-made coffee stout that brings so much more…made my whole mouth buzz, and unlike other imperials that are sippers, you’ll wanna gulp each tip of the glass to assure it touches every cavity of the mouth, every time. Well done Pig Minds!

You can find Pig Minds beer on tap at their brewery in Machesney Park, IL (look them up online), or in various bars and their special edition bomber bottle series in liquor stores around the Northern Midwest area.

Brent Shelton

Brent Shelton

Brent is a home brewer with a passion for brewing lagers and continually modifying his recipes, a podcaster, dog lover, lead guitarist for Mana Kintorso, HeadTechie for Forest City Brewers [Rockford, IL] and PR dude for @BosparPR {San Francisco]. Follow him on Twitter via @BrentSheltonNow.
Brent Shelton

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