It’s #IPADAY – 10 best IPA releases to look for

ipaday-2015According to, IPA Day was founded in 2011 as a world-wide social media movement created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers and brewers. People, not corporate marketing at it’s best!

It’s rumored that one of the first breweries to export beer to India was England’s Bow Brewery. It’s thought that hops were added to the beer as a preservative to drinkability after the long journey by boat to India. One historian, Martyn Cornell, has reported that beer in this “IPA” style was being brewed in England ahead of the India exports.

However it really came to be, hopping up beer has taken us by storm today. We now have several derivatives of IPAs, including IPLs, APAs, DIPAs, IIPAs, TIPAs (triple), and my new favorite, IPPB (pale bock – see Wisconsin Brewing Co. Betrayale). It’s getting be a dilemma to make a choice at the liquor store, or the pub, but they keep coming.

In no particular order, here are the 10 best IPA releases to look for…if you can find them:

SURLY Brett Mikkels IPA

PIZZA PORT Stratosphere IPA

STATION 26 Hallertau Blanc IPA

NEW HOLLAND Mad Hatter (new hop profile)

CIGAR CITY Jai Alai IPA – Blueberry Ginger

TYRANENA / LAKEFRONT Two Lakes Triple IPA Brewed with Grapefruit

BELL’S Uranus the Magician Black Double IPA   

DOGFISH ALE: American Beauty

ANCHOR Double Liberty


Brent Shelton

Brent Shelton

Brent is a home brewer with a passion for brewing lagers and continually modifying his recipes, a podcaster, dog lover, lead guitarist for Mana Kintorso, HeadTechie for Forest City Brewers [Rockford, IL] and PR dude for @BosparPR {San Francisco]. Follow him on Twitter via @BrentSheltonNow.
Brent Shelton

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