Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout CBS In Bottles DEC 1

Founders Brewing to Release CBS in December

founders CBS 2017Oh wake up, EH! After what seemed like an eternity of speculation, rumors, hints, allegations and teeth gnashing by some, Founders Brewing Co. has officially announced that CBS (the beer, not the network), better known as Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, will be available in bottles starting DEC 1 and their final Barrel-Aged Series entry for 2017. Oh man, oh man, Christmas is coming early!

This imperial stout, which rates at 4.7 on Beer Advocate, is brewed with chocolate and blend of coffees before aging for over a year in spent bourbon barrels that were last used to age maple syrup. This will be the third time this stout has been released. Originally in 22-ounce bottles in October of 2011, then in 2014 as draft only in one-quarter-bbl kegs that were distributed nationally.

I remember well a local craft beer bar that had the CBS in the 22 oz bottles in 2011. Since nobody knew about this relatively obscure beer it was no problem getting a pint or 2. Fast forward to 2014 and the draft only release, was a much different scene. Same bar but this time a line that went out the door and was a block long that greeted those in search of this very limited release beer! The five previous beers that have been released at part of the 2017 Founders’ Barrel-Aged Series this year were: Frootwood, Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Doom, DKML and Backwoods Bastard (one of my all time favorites).

Founders-Sweet-Repute-BottleAnother Founders beer that is aged in these same types of bourbon/maple barrels (over the course of sixteen months) is Sweet Repute one of the Backstage Series beers from Founders. The first time I tried this beer (actually it is a wheat wine) was at the Milwaukee Firkin Festival. I just freaked out on the complexity and layers of flavors! Plus a robust 12.6% ABV did not hurt at all. When I asked where I could purchase this fine elixir, my hopes were dashed as I was informed it was a limited release that was no longer available. I think I shed a tear upon hearing that news. I made fast friends with the folks pouring this at the festival and quaffed more than my fair share. Our homebrewers club, The Forest City Brewers of Rockford, IL did a clone of this magical wheat wine that was damn good. We proudly served it at the 2016 Screw City Beer Festival much to the delight of the festival patrons.

According to Founder’s website, the 2017 Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is scheduled to be available at retailers across the brewery’s 45-state distribution network on December 1. CBS will be packaged in 750ml bottles for a breath taking price of $24.99; A cost that is hard to convince non craft beer drinkers to swallow but a shrewd investment for us beer geeks.

Time to start schmoozing your favorite local retailer so you just may be able to grab one of these beauties. That is if they can get some. I have some retailer friends that I will be hitting up over the next few weeks. Good luck.

Michael Sears

Michael Sears

Mike is the former President of Forest City Brewers, an established home-brew club in Rockford, IL. He is and experienced and passionate brewer and an aspiring beer journalist, with a love for sharing time with his brewing buddies and dogs (not necessarily in that order).
Michael Sears

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