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Beer Drinking Styles Guide – A beer for every season

When to drink certain beers…Beer Drinking Styles Guide So far we here at HomeBrewRockStars have been highlighting commercial beers that we thought were worthy of attention. These have been based somewhat on randomness, but did you know that beer styles are relative to the seasons and holidays? In the days before controlled refrigeration, brewing schedules

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Great Lakes Brewery Conway’s Irish Ale perfect for St. Paddy’s Day

Seeing as St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, March 17, I would like to highlight an Irish Red Ale from Great Lakes Brewery. Most people think of Guinness when celebrating St. Paddy’s Day … my favorite is an Irish Red. The red ales of Ireland have a smooth maltiness and caramel flavor with earthy and restrained hop

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Brewers Discussing Bars, Batches, Bouts and Craft Beer Reviews

Welcome to HomeBrewRockStars. This is our first post. (“…good luck with your first post.”) Coming soon…a beer blog (and beer podcast) where home brewers and craft brew icons share stories about brewing and tasting new beers…and maybe talk about rock-n-roll?! Find tips on how to make better beer and save money doing it (until you upgrade). You’ll also find new craft beer reviews,

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