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canadian breakfast stout label

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout CBS In Bottles DEC 1

Founders Brewing to Release CBS in December Oh wake up, EH! After what seemed like an eternity of speculation, rumors, hints, allegations and teeth gnashing by some, Founders Brewing Co. has officially announced that CBS (the beer, not the network), better known as Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, will be available in bottles starting DEC 1 and their final

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Bells Brewery 2018 Lineup & Special Releases

Bells Brewery 2018 Lineup (Courtesy of I know it’s a bit early to be thinking ahead to 2018…hell we have not seen Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday (spare me) Christmas or New Years yet, let alone the beer you may wanna drink next year. But when Bell’s Brewing Inc of Comstock, MI releases their 2018

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No More West Coast Bias for Craft Beer Brewing

Craft beer growth and success actually leads to less overall consumption. What once started as a west coast boogaloo (hop-along, if you will), has spread into a world-wide phenomenon.  Michigan increased craft breweries by more than 20% last year, and Colorado now has more craft breweries than Oregon. Vermont is now the #1 state with the highest

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